Friday Night Comics

Free workshops and tutorials from a new artist each week

Drawing Worlds with Tillie Walden

Making Poetry Comics with Bianca Stone

Making Comics with Empathy with Jamar Nicholas

Drawing Your Ancestors with Tanna Tucker

Thinking Through Doodles with JS Wu

Drawing From Memory with Jett Allen

Draw What You Love with Ann Xu

Drawing Family Stories with Leela Corman

Drawing Maps in Comics with Margaret Kimball

Draw 50 Emotions with Dmitri Jackson

December 8th, 2020

Draw Comics About Music

Draw Comics About Music

December 8th, 2020

Time Travel with Leise Hook

Time Travel with Leise Hook

Make a Dream Log with Alexandra Beguez

Friday Night Comics Holiday Special

Draw What Scares You with Sophie Lucido Johnson

Drawing Selfies with Sharon Lee De La Cruz

A Mini-Comics Workshop with Chris Russell

Political Satire with Bianca Xunise

Capturing Comfort with Ashanti Fortson

Creating Comics Without Words with Jonathan Hill

Draw Your Humiliation with Gina Wynbrandt

December 8th, 2020

Body Comics with Erin Williams

Body Comics with Erin Williams

Comics as Art Therapy with Kate Lacour

Memory Comics with Lawrence Lindell

December 8th, 2020

Comics Bingo with G.B. Tran

Comics Bingo with G.B. Tran

Drawing Health with Georgia Webber

Bilingual(-ish) Comics with Kate Gavino

Comics as Resistance with Bianca Xunise

Make a Comics Journal with Ebony Flowers

Self-Care Comics with Nicole Georges

Draw Your Lockdown Life with Teresa Wong

Draw a Cartoon You with Leslie Stein

Draw a Four Panel Comic with Amy Kurzweil

Make a Family Comic with Mira Jacob

Make a Quaranzine with Malaka Gharib