Prompts and Questions to ask yourself (5 minutes)

  • Think about a memory of an experience with your ancestor; perhaps an event or a conversation that stayed with you.
  • Think about a story from your family history (or mythology). How would you tell it in sequential comic form?  
  • Think about a piece of wisdom or comfort your ancestor passed down to you. How did it come to you? Perhaps a quote that inspires you, resonates with you, or gives you strength during hard times.
  • Think about an ancestor you have never met. What would you say to them? How do you imagine them?

Panel 1 (8 minutes)

  • Introduce your ancestor and perhaps include one line about them. Tell us something you love or admire about them.

Panels 2-4 (8 minutes each)

Remember our journaling exercise at the beginning? Draw what you journaled about your ancestor!

  • A memory or imagined conversation…
  • Ancestral wisdom they passed on…
  • Perhaps consider the setting: Are you meeting in a dream? Or a place from your past?

As you draw think about the way you feel in their presence.

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