Develop a daily practice of combining comics and self-care by charting your emotions and drawing yourself into joyful and soothing situations with Nicole Georges. You can pick up a copy of Nicole’s book Fetch from our friends at Bookshop, where proceeds will help benefit The Believer and independent bookstores.

Watch the video of the livestream below, and follow these steps to create your own daily self-care comic.

Materials Needed:

1: 2 pieces of paper, standard size.

2: Pencils

3: Pens (optional)

How to create a daily self-care comic:

Step 1: Draw a frame around your paper.

Step 2: Divide the frame into thirds by drawing lines horizontally across the page.

Step 3: Divide the top two rows into three panels by drawing two vertical lines.

Step 4: Switch to your second sheet of paper and think of one song that really amps you up and makes you feel good. Write the name of the song at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Spend four minutes drawing yourself dancing with a potato to the song you’ve selected.

Step 6: Switch back to your chart.

Step 7: In the top left panel, write “What am I grateful for?” Take a minute and write three things you’re really glad about right now.

Step 8: In panel two, write “What is out of my control today?” Write three things that might impact you, but that you have no say over.

Step 9: In panel three, write “What is in my control today?” Here, list three small things about your daily life that you can take charge of.

Step 10: In panel four, write “What will I do for my body today?” and list three things.

Step 11: In panel five, write “How will I connect to other humans today?” and list three things.

Step 12: In panel six, write “Can I help someone today?” and list three things (if you can, no pressure).

Step 13: Now, move to your largest bottom panel. Close your eyes for thirty seconds. Think of yourself in the most peaceful, comforting place you can. A place you feel supported and there’s no stress on you.

Step 14: Spend four minutes drawing what you’ve imagined.

We’d love to see your work! Post it to social and tag @believermag and @nicolejgeorges

This workshop was supported in part by Zappos. 

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