In this workshop led by Ann Xu, you will learn to make a comic about caring for a loved one. You will need paper, something to draw with, and something to color with if you’d like. Watch the video of the live stream below, and follow these steps to draw what you love.

You can pick up a copy of Lily Lamotte and Ann Xu’s book Measuring Up from our friends at Bookshop. Proceeds support The Believer and independent bookstores.

To begin, take a few minutes to do some brainstorming about what you love—and how you care for what you love. This can be a person, plant, a pet, a bookshelf–anything!

To draw your comic, make three square panels along the top row of your paper (you can turn your paper the wrong way so you have more room). Then, draw one long panel below them.

In the first three panels, draw what you do to take care of who or what you love. It can be a sequence of events or three independent actions.

Now, move on to the long bottom panel you’ve drawn. Here, you’ll draw you and the thing you love together. Then, write a caption for it. How does who or what you love and care for make you feel?

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