In this workshop led by Jett Allen you will learn to draw a comic based on a memory. You will need paper, something to draw with, and something to color with if you’d like. Watch the video of the live stream below, and follow these steps to draw your memory map.

A memory map is about exploring a place from our past and our senses. Think about closeness vs distance. You can draw things as you saw them, or you can draw from outside yourself and far away.

To start, go ahead and draw six panels — you can draw these in any assortment or shape you’d like

Now, list six places from your past that you’d like to visit. This can be from your recent past, or from a really long time ago. It’s your choice!

Close your eyes, and picture the place you’d like to travel to. When you open your eyes, take four minutes to draw what you saw.

Is there a smell in the air? If so, describe it. You’ll have two minutes.

For the third panel, look around the space you’re drawing. Find an object, touch it or hold it, and then draw it.

For the fourth panel, draw a person that you might find in this place. What might they say? What do they like or dislike?

For panel five, think about something that happened in this place. This could be a memorable event, or just something you used to do in that place.

For the last panel, you’ll be drawing yourself In this place. It can be yourself now or yourself in the past. If you don’t feel comfortable drawing yourself, you can draw a character as well.

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