Drawing Comics About Nature with Danica Novgorodoff

For this workshop, you will need paper, something to draw with, and something to color with if you’d like. Watch the video of the live stream below, and follow the steps to make your own comic.

First, write down a place in nature that you love. Then, write about an experience in nature, or something that amazed you. Then, something you saw in nature that scared you. From these ideas, pick one as a prompt to begin making your comic.

In the first panel, draw an establishing shot that shows the place you’ll be making your comic about.

In the second panel, introduce your character(s) and show them in action.

In the third and fourth panels, show your character(s) having that transformative moment–the climax of your story.

The fifth panel should be a concluding panel. What did you learn? What does it mean to you?

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