The Boss Tells Me

Victoria Chang
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The boss tells me of the billionaire who likes me
who likes my work again this year
this year I am safe for another year I can stand by
for another year I can align

myself with the bystanders who have different
standards for another year I can mortgage my heart
in monthly installments for another year I can fill
my garage with scooters and things

with motors like Mona at the end of the hall with
her loan and home and college bills who never
sees anything in the office never seems to hear
anything in the office but her own

heartbeat her own term sheet for another year
when asked about Mary or Tom or Larry I too
can say I never saw anything never saw the boss
wind them up and point them towards the

edge of the roof before Mary went over the
edge I threw down a pillow in the shape of a
pet and hoped it landed under her I didn’t stay long
enough to see what happened

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