i found rihanna’s kaftan by the poolside

& kept it

i pluck the feathers from my right hip & let them gently
wash down the marbled chute—i forget to ring the bell.

kiss it better

alert & must now replace my soft denim pants and make
a swift exit—bend at the waist occasionally to inspect

the rattling in my left ankle where a previous encounter
with you left me augmented with polymer joints that

occasionally set loose & direct me towards true north.                 better have my—
i refer you to the savoury snacks prepared earlier: such

as roasted paprika chickpeas & some bitesize soybean
and cornflower deep fried. i might take it all back tho.

smooth bathtub ready for a body to be dipped in & then
we reset &—

—kiss it kiss it

whatever you are blameless. are you willing or at least
some kind of//stand under my// tongue coarse

or slick like my ex no not that ex. slick like my ex who
couldn’t grip a bitumen ground let alone how to leave.

everything set up for consolation now including some
thin cotton towels that would not survive another

just making scenes…

tumble dry.      a silicone egg ring.    wood hat stand.
…//you need to get done//flank me like you mean it.

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