A Pair of Interacting

Rebecca Bates
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rebecca bates exits the train at astoria-ditmars blvd. pushes a man on the stairs—pushes a man coming up—pushes a man approaching pulling against and the stair. it is a kind of murder triumph—gravity’s ultimate. rebecca bates is an elongated—

—a thin dust occurring. the man is a hot region shearing up a stair rebecca bates shearing from the outer edges of a stair rebecca bates a hot tidal pushing shapes sheared. two bodies. the outer edges of two bodies sheared two dust tails streaming two bodies viewed side-on. rebecca bates and the man side-on crashing—burst—thin elongated streaming dust on a stair—

—an image consists of gravity bodies side-on and matter sheared and matter flung in opposites rebecca bates and the man. the matter flung out—the hot regions have begun to crash together—the remnants.

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