Things To Do on a Rainy Day

Mary Ruefle
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Describe the lonely wild places where the rain begins.

Write a letter to William Shakespeare of Stratford, England, who has asked you
to describe the American one-cent stamp.

Remember, never write up and down on a page after having written across it.

Pretend you are a fish and have thousands of friends.

Pretend flowers are mean, describing in detail their monstrosities.

Look around the room and ask each thing you see if it is actually clean. Make a list
of their responses.

Afterward, as a favor, tell them the story of Androcles.

You may want to list the anxieties of living authors.

Imagine, for a moment, George Washington has asked you for a loan.

Now imagine Abraham Lincoln has asked you for the same.

Imagine you are suffering from quinsy or catarrh, and must treat yourself.

Invent a new use for a baby.

Read about the salmon industry.

Using a few things on hand at home, build your own coffin.

Trim your nails and use the clippings to fill in the blank spaces between words
in books.

Explain the fact that nails keep growing after you have been clipped. You may have
to do some research.

Look carefully out the window for a minute or two, then write a play.

Draw a picture describing how others will think the play should end.

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