The Fifty Greatest Things That Just Popped Into MY Head

The Fifty Greatest Things That Just Popped Into MY Head

Jack Pendarvis
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50. Ice cream

49. Blue—Don’t try to get creative with your favorite color. We all know it’s blue.

48. Sneeze—It feels great to sneeze. What a relief.

47. Jesus—Love him or hate him, you’ve got to hand it to the Son of God. Over two thousand years old and still going strong. It’s no wonder His name is also an exclamation. Jesus!

46. Oxygen—What a fantastic element! And not just because it’s easy to breathe. There is so much to recommend oxygen. According to scientists, nothing beats oxygen.

45. Bill—A friend of mine. He’s nice. I’m sorry we haven’t kept in touch as well as we might have, Bill. Say hello to Lisa.

44. Lisa—I secretly think you are “hot.” Don’t tell Bill.

43. Windows—You can see what’s outside yet feel safe and protected. It’s all thanks to windows. Who thought up windows? We may never know. But that man or lady had it “goin’ on”!

42. Lists of fifty things in magazines—Thought provoking! Not a waste of time at all.

41. House slippers

40. Bacon—I know a vegetarian who eats bacon. That’s how good bacon is.

39. Sawdust—Whatever happened to sawdust? Sawdust: a natural and nostalgic treat for all ages.

38. Radar sense of bats

37. Bow tie—Cute.

36. Bow-tie pasta—Cute.

35. Architecture

34. Curtains—Windows are great (see #43) but sometimes you need privacy.

33. Glue—Comes in handy. Don’t forget to buy glue!

32. Jack-in-the-box—Never fails to surprise. And the music’s great, too!

31. Flags of the world

30. Equestrian statue

29. Clarinet

28. Chimpanzee

27. Internet

26. Lemon Pledge

25. Snowflakes—No two are alike.

24. Magna Carta—Lots of good stuff in there. You go, Magna Carta!

23. Pumice stone/ Jell-O (tie)

22. Monocle

21. French cuffs

20. Onion rings

19. Atheists on C-SPAN

18. Words—Be it a book or a billboard, there wouldn’t be much to it without words! Words tell us what we are thinking. Hats off to words.

17. Western swing—What a genre! Did you know that Charlie Parker loved Bob Wills? Recordings by Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies can be tough to find, but worth seeking out. When you’re loading up your iPod, don’t forget to include some Western swing.

16. Telling other people what you dreamed last night—Other people don’t like it, but it’s fun for you! It feels so good to get it off your chest. I wonder what your dream meant!

15. Velvet

14. Gold

13. Silver—There was a lot of debate about rating silver higher than gold but in the end we decided that silver is better than gold.

12. Pewter

11. False teeth—Nothing to be ashamed of.

10. Quick Draw McGraw

9. Cheese—From brie to cheddar, there is no denying the wide-ranging appeal of cheese.

8. Ouija board—They really work!

7. Blog—Do you want to know what someone is thinking? Simply read his or her blog!

6. Autumn—The classy name for fall.

5. “Because it is bitter, and because it is my heart.”—What a kick-ass line of poetry! I may be misquoting it. But you’re like, “Wow.”

4. Unicorn

3. Vincent Price

2. A magic top hat

1. Pie cooling on a windowsill 

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