Object: Green Wooden Mask

Diane Williams
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  • Chin-strap beard
  • Mustache
  • Scalloped hairline

Somebody, who?—saw fit to make this mustachioed, green-painted, wooden mask, with a black scalloped hairline, and a Pinocchio nose. 

The tip of its nose is chipped and I tried out a crude restoration. I dabbed some green paint on it. 

A black beard has been applied, not by me, under the chin, and the beard shows up also upon its jowls.

The mask is undersized enough for a child to wear. But which child where and when could ever have been asked or forced to wear it, and why? 

I tried it out (not pleasant to do), just to see if it fits my little head, but no. 

The mysterious mask is most wonderful to meet up with, nevertheless, when I see it, which is often. It is on my wall. 

Here is an evergreen face whose expression is earnest, I think, or sincere—a reassuring spirit—a small one, yes—and he has been magnanimous.

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