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Frederick Seidel
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This is what it’s like at the end of the day.
At the end of the day, homosexuals are gay.
Pundits love to say, “at the end of the day.”
“Bottom line” is their other cliché.
The end of the day will go away,
But we heterosexuals are here to stay.
Sunlight preoccupies the cross street.
It and night soon will meet.
Meanwhile, there is Central Park.
Now the park is getting dark.

I said to my own personal, private Central Park last week,
I said to her, Look at me, just take a little peek.
I said it’s the difference between day and night,
That’s what’s exciting, because it’s so right.
I’m remembering with amusement how she treated me
At the state dinner, how she greeted me
With incredible coldness, which was a trick,
Since she was so excited she was almost sick,
So excited she let loose a lake
And rowboats you can rent for a trip you can take.

I’ll walk around the reservoir with you
And then walk down Fifth Avenue
To the Met to the show just opened of Samurai arms and armor
I’m an armored charmer.
I’m room after room of gleaming display
Of blade after blade and by the way
This is what it’s like at the end of the day
When the sword of art has its say.
Fifth at Eighty-second
On the edge of the park has beckoned


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