In this workshop you’ll learn about different forms comfort can take, as well as how to capture this feeling for yourself and others. Learn more about Ashanti Fortson here.

Draw a square or rectangle around the bottom two thirds of your page
. Then, draw another long box through the bottom third of the square
 and divide the top box into three, making vertical lines. 
Begin by drawing an introductory element that speaks to comfort to you.

In the left-most panel draw something in your home that brings you comfort. It can be anything that’s personal to you

For the middle panel, draw something that you’ve made that brings you comfort, satisfaction, or contentment.
 This can be anything—for example, food or a craft

For the third panel in this row, draw a living thing that brings you comfort. A pet, an animal, a plant—anything!

In the last panel, draw some outside imagery—something outside your home—that brings you comfort

At the bottom of your comic, write a wish you have for the future

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