Crazy Uncle Casey’s “11 Days, 11 Deals” Sale: Days Five and Six

You didn’t think Uncle Casey forgot about you, did you? Uncle Casey never forgets. Sometimes this is a problem for him. Crazy Uncle Casey’s photographic memory means that he remembers every face he has ever seen, down to every last dimple and freckle. At night, when he’s trying to sleep, these faces flash before his eyes at lightning speed. John the barber from Beltram street. Tiffany, who sat next to him in sixth grade. Jonsi, who Casey spoke to for five minutes at a craft fair in White Plains. The faces torture and taunt him.

To stop these unwanted visions, Uncle Casey has plastered his walls with beautiful Charles Burns portraits from the Believer magazine. Staring at the heads of Janelle Monae, Franz Kafka, Tim and Eric, Dr. Strangelove, and Fidel Castro is calming to Uncle Casey. He thinks it will be calming for you, too. So this weekend, every new and returning subscriber to the Believer magazine gets a (27” x 34”) Charles Burns heads poster. Just use the promo code “HEADS” with your order. Additionally, you’ll receive the limited-edition mini-book, Judy Blume and Lena Dunham in Conversation, which we are told makes a fantastic stocking-stuffer, and which is only available to Believer subscribers. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

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