The 2013 Music Issue has arrived! Featuring interviews with Scott Walker, Antony and The Johnsons, Ishmael Butler, and Feist.

Essays on Buzz Martin “The Singing Logger”, The Village People, C.L. Franklin (the Man With the Million Dollar Voice), Taylor Swift, and much, much more!

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Out of the Woods by Casey Jarman
The story of “The Singing Logger,” who flirted with fame and sang for Johnny and June before returning to the forests of Oregon.

Danzig Schema: Two Decades in the Life of a Super-fan by Jon DeRosa

Real Life Rock Top Ten by Greil Marcus

The Man with the Million-Dollar Voice by Tony Scherman (FULL TEXT)
C.L. Franklin brought the blues to the pulpit and became one of the most influential preachers of his generation.

Just Kidding, Love Sucks by Tavi Gevinson
A seventeen-year-old feminist on the empowerment, passion, genius, and perfection of the music of Taylor Swift.

Forget All That and Just Wail compiled by Ross Simonini (FULL TEXT)
A collection of music that orbits around jazz

Wanted: Macho Men with Mustaches by Nicole Pasulka (FULL TEXT)
How the Village People brought regulars from New York City’s gay bars into the hearts and homes of mainstream America.

Sounds of Our Times by Joshua Jelly-Schapiro
Emory Cook’s high-fidelity recordings not only captured the sounds of the world but helped shape it.

Comics edited by Alvin Buenaventura

Martin Seay on the Mountain Goats (full text), Andrew Simmons on Bill Fay, Ian S. Port on Marnie Stern, and Daniel Levin Becker on Dads

The Process by Ross Simonini
A conversation with the artist Lizzi Bougatsos about her piece Good Hair

Ishmael Butler interviewed by Chris Estey
The man behind Seattle’s Shabazz Palaces talks New York in ’89, Miles Davis, and music that’s meant to be given away.

Stuff I’ve Been Reading by Nick Hornby

Leslie Feist interviewed by Claudia Dey
“It didn’t feel like pop music to me. It felt like this laser-beam lasso, like a weird weapon on a set list.”

At Eight Pounds You Burst Out” : a new poem by Kirsten Andersen 

Antony Hegarty interviewed by Henry Giardina
“Re-anoint Jesus as a girl, put in a female pope.”

Scott Walker interviewed by Erik Morse (FULL TEXT)
Sitting down with pop music’s most frustratingly elusive icon.

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