The Believer is pleased to present Two Cops, a little-seen documentary series rescued from the vaults of movie history by film collective Sunset Television.

In 1981, documentary filmmaker Nina Sinclair turned her camera on two New York City cops who, like many cops of the time period, were forced to move in together because of the economy.

What happens when Lt. Charles Doogan, a by-the-books widower, and Officer Ricardo Martinez, a loose cannon struggling with an addiction to PCP, are forced to make a home together? Two Cops is a moving portrait of the trials and triumphs of two men who learn to put aside their differences and reveal themselves as true men.

Gene Shalit said“This criminally underwatched gem of a documentary is a plain slice of the real New York.”

Mayor Ed Koch said, “I had to watch through my hands! A taboo-breaking, searing portrayal of New York’s finest…off duty.”

Sunset Television says, “You will never hate cops again.”

Check out the original theatrical poster above, and watch Two Cops, premiering on Thursday, November 8.

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