On Tuesday, October 23rd, at 7 pm, the JCCSF will host a conversation between the genre-transcending graphic novelists (and Believer contributors) Chris Ware and Charles Burns.  Ware’s new Building Stories is a boxed set that imagines the inhabitants of a three-story Chicago apartment building, while Burns’s new The Hive is “a fractured Burroughs-esque cavort through ’70s Seattle hipsterdom.”

If you live in the Bay Area, it may interest you to know that the JCCSF has been kind enough to offer Believer readers a whole row of seats! We get so excited when we imagine this row of Believer readers, seated happily side-by-side, discussing their favorite spinewords, laughing at the most chagrined of the apologies from our Notes & Apologies page, and taking votes on their all-time favorite Charles Burns cover illustrations. For a chance to win one of these coveted seats (repost for another chance!), tell us: who—or what—would you most like to see Charles Burns draw on the cover of the Believer?

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