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This is a previously unheard song by Amen Dunes. You can stream it here on this website, but even better might be to replace the broken needle on your turntable and pick up a copy of The Unified Field, a new arts and literature journal from Brooklyn. Issue One comes with a clear vinyl 10” record, which features unreleased music—“songs in their raw, newly crafted state”—from Robin Pecknold, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Department of Eagles, and this guy — Amen Dunes, whose real name is Damon McMahon, and who is apparently incapable of making music that doesn’t sound raw and newly crafted (and appealing).

The journal itself promises to feature writing and (judging by the preview on their website) a whole lot of stunning visual material. Proceeds from the journal go to 826 National.

—Andrew Leland

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