Street View by Geoff Dyer
Michael Wolf, Jon Rafman, and Doug Rickard may be the art world’s first stay-at-home street photographers.

What the Swedes Read by Daniel Handler

A Dog Named Humphrey by Sloane Crosley (FULL TEXT)
A writer plays herself, or “herself,” on a fictional TV series about richer, more glamorous, and better-dressed New Yorkers.

The Gentleman’s Library, a Nowaday Redux by Bill Cotter
One somewhat-ill-read man’s quest to create the ultimate collection of the most important works of literature of all time.

Poets on Domesticity — a conversation between Wayne Koestenbaum, Matthew Rohrer, & Rachel Zucker (FULL TEXT)

“Hustle”: a new poem by Jericho Brown

Musin’s and Thinkin’s by Jack Pendarvis

Karen Armstrong interviewed by Lauren Bride

Schema: The Harley Davidson in American Culture by Tim Lane

Yevgeniya Traps on Chester Brown, Zac Hill on Ian Holding, Catherine Lacey on Jean-Philippe Toussaint, James Santel on pathos, and Stephen Burt on time machines.

The Process by Ross Simonini
A conversation with artist Eddie Martinez about his painting Ghost Fish.

Sophie Calle interviewed by Sheila Heti

Sedaratives by Wyatt Cenac

Simon Rich in conversation with Simon Rich

“When You Lift the Avocado to Your Mouth”: a new poem by Troy Jollimore

Real Life Rock Top Ten by Greil Marcus

Shawn Nelson Schmitt interviewed by Catherine Lacey

Stuff I’ve Been Reading by Nick Hornby

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