Except In Parts

Peter Twal
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Inside my skull, your rendering is incomplete        Your shadow
clumsy       & all lung in that dress        When I try to remember you         too closely, the pixelation        the crevices
where your squares meet like little         whispers lodged in skin

If it weren’t for the half-finished puzzle         you started on my face, I’d guess
the world was ending         or beginning        If it weren’t for that
smile       Tell me I’m your favorite        

TV rerun       Nights before, your head pressed to my head
praying to hear footsteps        You drew an X across
the square of my chest, said hold still,        I’m trying to dig

my way out      of this CGI shell, a gaunt
pity of bone vectors
Nothing to enhance here       but why was I surprised
the deeper you burrowed, more of you         becoming more of me, splitting into finer
lines       Hold on, I’m trying        with nowhere to zoom in

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