In a private email, Believer editor Andrew Leland once called one of the two editors of the White Review “great and partially French.” The Believer Logger cannot validate the quote, but we do support the magazine.

Subscribe to The White Review here.* (Dip your toe in by buying only the current issue here, or in these bookshops.) Read up on the shortlist for the Prize, and look out for the winner, announced tomorrow.

*The White Review is a London-based arts magazine, of which there are agonizingly few.** If you are in London, come to the Award’s ceremonial party at the Horse Hospital tomorrow, 7PM sharp (RSVP

**Check out their online articles and the contents*** of the newest issue.

***Issue No. 10 features interviews with Man Booker International Prize winner Lydia Davis, artist Camille Henrot, 2013 winner of the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale, and French philosopher Jacques Rancière; new fiction by I Love Dick author Chris Kraus, Booker-shortlisted novelist Nicola Barker, playwright Benedict Andrews, and Greg Baxter; essays by Belgian writer Jean-Philippe Toussaint and artist William E. Jones; and art by Joshua Abelow and Isabelle Wenzel, among other things.

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