The October issue has arrived! 

Featuring essays on Dave Chapelle’s return to Ohio, St. Louis in 1875, the films of Oscar Michaeux, interviews with Michael Jackson impersonator Navi, Micah Lexi, Edmund White, B-Boy Blakk, reviews of a Chase Bank commercial, dining in the dark, Ingmar Bergman and so much more!

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Table of Contents:

If He Hollers Let Him Go by Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah [Full Text!]
A look at the political, personal, and familial reasons for Dave Chappelle’s return home to Yellow Springs, Ohio.

A Pair of Interacting”: a new poem by Rebecca Bates [Full Text!]

The Resuspended City by Matthew Erickson
An examination of the St. Louis of 1875 and the St. Louis of today, courtesy of draftsman Camille Dry and Google Maps, respectively.

Musin’s and Thinkin’s by Jack Pendarvis [Full Text!]

What the Swedes Read by Daniel Handler

The Homesteader by Will Sloan
The life and films of “race movie” director Oscar Micheaux, a unique figure in cinema history who has been both lauded and dismissed.

Tag Savage on a Chase Bank commercial, Anisse Gross on dining in the dark, Jeremy Philip Galen on Ingmar Bergman [Full Text!], Stephen Burt on Crippled Pilgrims.

Micah Lexier interviewed by Sheila Heti [Full Text!]
The Toronto-based artist on order, confidence, and sending one’s values out into the world.

Imogen Sara Smith interviewed by Aaron Cutler

Navi interviewed by Noah Pisner

“I don’t want to end up like that Elvis cliché who just kind of busts out of his costumes and hasn’t got the figure or persona anymore.”

Schema: The Most Dangerous Moves from the Least Dangerous Game by Jessica McHugh

“Comics” edited by Alvin Buenaventura

Edmund White interviewed by Derek McCormack

B-Boy Blakk interviewed by Giovan Alonzi

Real Life Rock Top Ten with Greil Marcus

“Trick”: a new poem by Kazim Ali [Full Text!]

The Process by Caia Hagel
A conversation with photographer Roger Ballen about his image Deathbed.

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