“The Organist is the stellar new semi-monthly podcast from the editors of The Believer, and like its parent magazine, it brings together an impressive list of contributors—comedians, musicians, writers—for thoughtful and engaged examinations of culture. Episodes examine a broad theme and consist of segments in a number of genres, covering a lot of ground in a single hour. Taking up the topic of language, the first episode contains a reading on the etymology of “podcast” performed by Nick Offerman, an examination of experimental forms of composition by electronic music duo Matmos, a fascinating interview with George Saunders, a radio essay on sound design, and more. These segments flow seamlessly from one to the next, with little introduction from host and Believer editor Andrew Leland, giving episodes remarkable depth and richness. Leland’s hands-off style trusts that listeners are intelligent enough to discover common connections and themes, making The Organist an engrossing experience that leaves listeners with plenty to think about long after episodes have ended.” – The AV Club

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