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Here is a belated video of me mumbling about dirt at the Tumblr/Believer event in San Francisco last month.

The real revelation here is that I am not wearing my standard-issue uniform, the cardigan. I won’t say there weren’t bribes* involved in order for me to remain cardigan-less for the duration of this event. If you are into videos of girls mumbling, sleevelessly, this is the video for you. Just know that going cardigan-less was much harder than reading out loud to a room full of strangers. This is really a post about cardigan therapy.

(If you haven’t seen the video of Mills reading about the kinds of new friends he is making in San Francisco, it is highly worth watching. Also, Joshua read a poem from memory! I could not recite something from memory if you held a gun to my head. It was beautiful.)

*pizza bribes

Ignore this liar-face — she was phenomenal!

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