Cult of Daath

Cult Of Daath was formed in October of 1999 by C. Immortum (guitars, bass and vox) and W. Obscurum (drums and vox). They joined forces to create pure Black Metal described as “cruel barbaric black metal in the most raw and sick vein” not like most commercialized and trendy bands that blanket the scene today. With influences ranging from old-school bands like Beherit, Sodom, Old Mayhem, Old Bathory, Bestial Warlust, Celtic Frost, and Venom. “Black Metal should be painful to listen to, it should not be pleasant to the ear, but a grim and violent journey through a never ending darkness. The lyrics deal with War, Darkness, Destruction, Necromancy, Death rituals, Hatred and the will of debauchery. This is the essence of Cult of Daath.”